Website services

  • SEO, SEM, online marketing,
  • Webdesign, corporate identity design
  • Keyword research, analyze web pages
  • Social Media
  • Website maintenance
  • Newsletter, surveys

Other services

  • Delete Google results (reverse SEO)
  • Consulting Services
  • Blogs/ Communitys
  • Facebok fan pages
  • Pictures for Websites
  • Market and value engineering


seo You have to be seen first,
to be visited on the internet,
which is why SEO is such
an important part of
online marketing


Webdesign has to be functional and make the visitors stay on your website and not click their browser back-button!

Corporate identity
logo design and
business card design

Charting the exact location of your business
and the nearby POI (points of interest)
in Google Places
insert Google Maps into your website



Implementation of Facebook fan page



Taking pictures for your business





A list of my Services

Deleting / remove unwanted Google results
A customer had a business with a website registered on her name for over 12 years. The name appeared on the website and in various web catalogues on the internet.
He started a different business and wanted the previous business not to appear in combination with his name.
Removing this information from online databases takes experience and time.

There are hundreds people online searching or background checking websites on the internet.
If you want to remove or modify internet results about you, your work, your ex relationship, any other part of your past send me an email.

You'll need professional assistance to be deleted from the internet, sometimes legal advice.
I will take care of all these problems.


Update packages
Website, Blogs, Facebook update
Many companys are too busy to keep their webtsite or social networks community updated.
I can take care of this.